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Uplink.HU is maintained by a Hungarian company named Webenlet Kft. (translated: Webpresence Ltd.) that provides computer related services such as webhosting services since 2004 and server colocation and rental since 2007.

We sell high quality colocation (serverhosting) and server rental (root servers) in Hungary.
Colocation or renting a dedicated root server in Hungary is the best choice if you want to have a cheap server with unlimited traffic in Europe.

We offer true flatrate, all our services are unmetered, you do not have to pay for excessive use at the end of the month!
The traffic is unmetered, you get your own 1 Gbit/s (or 10 Gbit/s) Cisco port with at least 200 Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth (Hungarian AND international). Our low connection prices are unbeatable!

We offer colocation services for rack-mounted servers, tower cases or you can even move your whole server farm to us. Rental of root servers is also possible (from an entry level server or even Xeon or Opteron servers) unmanaged or managed.
To make our offer more attractive we also give you extremely low domain reseller pricing and you get a lot of important features for free!

Colocation and root server rental services

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